Danish Yachts believe they have found a solution to the problem of seasickness and unwanted movement at sea, through modifying one of their commercial-grade CAT-SWATHs (Catamaran – Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull).

swath 2

Thanks to its unique ballast system, the CAT-SWATH can switch from operating as a catamaran in a fast offshore mode, to being ballasted into SWATH mode, providing a stable platform in rough seas. The distinctive hull form means that the stability of the yacht is barely affected, even in rough seas, as the waves pass more easily through the boat and reduce the vertical movements.

swath 1The yacht will be made entirely from carbon fibre and will ensure comfortable cruising, whether in calm or rough seas. Designed by Espen Øino in conjunction with the naval architects from Danish Yachts, it aims to provide the superyacht industry with a viable model of Danish Yachts’s already popular commercial vessels.

Danish Yachts have successfully produced five commercial CAT-SWATHs for the safe transportation in high-risk sea states of crew and workers in the energy industry.