A round-the-world record attempt by a British adventurer is to be fully carbon neutral, it has been announced.

Energy efficiency company ECOSuperyacht has partnered with the Company85 Global Challenge, a team of oceangoers soon to set out in 90-foot powerboat Accomplish More (top speed: 50 knots) in an attempt to complete the fastest ever circumnavigation of the globe in less than 50 days.

“While we want to show it’s possible to make boats which are less demanding on the earth’s resources, we’re also very keen to ensure our environmental balance sheet doesn’t go into the red,” says Alan Priddy, the adventurer leading the bid. “The boat itself is 80% recycled aluminium, and should she ever be scrapped, we calculate over 90% of her will be recyclable. Ultimately we have to look at the process of carbon offsetting – not just contributing money to schemes such as planting sustainable forests, but actually working out very precisely what our carbon emissions will be, and then deciding on appropriate projects to provide the offset.”

ECOsuperyacht’s offsets will be high quality carbon credits taken from various projects, and the company will also work with Priddy and his team to keep the fuel burn and emissions down throughout the race.

The Company85 Global Challenge team intends to cover 24,000 miles in less than 50 days, using a purpose-built 90-foot powerboat with a top speed of nearly 50 knots.