The steamship superyacht Delphine has had a price reduction of €16,000,000. The 78-metre Great Lakes Engineering Works yacht, launched in 1921, is now listed for sale at €19,750,000 with Northrop & Johnson.

SS Delphine is the largest steam yacht built in the US still in existence today. Her original owner, Horace Dodge of the Dodge automobile empire, designed her unique quadruple-expansion steam engines, which still work today.


















Like the majority of large privately owned yachts in the 1940s, she was requisioned during the war by the navy. Unlike many of her peers, however, she survived, and has ultimately returned to private ownership. Have a look at a timeline of her major milestones, below.


Delphine’s timeline

The Dodge brothers, John and Horace, automotive engineers from Detroit, sell their 10% stake in Ford for $25 million and begin to plan their largest-ever steam yacht.del6




















Named after Horace’s daughter, SS Delphine is launched into the Detroit River at the Great Lakes Engineering Works. Neither brother lived to see her completed.del2












The queen of Detroit’s Lake St Clair, Delphine becomes a local landmark at the Dodges’ private pier in front of Rose Terrace, the family home.del 5









Camouflaged in war paint and renamed Dauntless, the yacht serves her country as flagship to the US Navy’s top admiral.del3













Bought for scrap by the Bruygnooge family, Delphine is towed to a Belgian shipyard where the long, ground-up restoration begins.del 1del5