After six years of design and pre-production, Glider Yachts has unveiled the 60ft Glider Super Sports 18 (SS18).The company says their designs will cut down dramatically on journey time, and produce a comfortable ride in even very choppy seas.

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Promising speeds in excess of 50 knots, journeys such as Monaco to St Tropez or Miami to the Bahamas will be made in under an hour on the 18-metre speedsters, which use technology from Formula 1 and the aerospace industry. Robert McCall, Chief Designer and Managing Director of Glider Yachts, says: “We are delighted to be revealing details of the SS18 to the world. We have spent many years designing and developing her, so we’re thrilled that she is now a reality. Anyone who has travelled at over 30 mph in anything other than flat calm will know it’s an uncomfortable experience. Gliders’ unique hull form, propulsion and Stability Control System (SCS) actually tune to the sea conditions allowing passengers to ‘glide’ over the waves in unprecedented comfort at up to 70mph”.

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The yachts will be built in the UK by Burgess Marine. The SS18 will be followed by the Hyper Sports 18 (HS18) which will reach speeds of up to 100mph.