Superyacht designers often find inspiration for their concepts in the world around them, and for his latest 120-metre Stradivarius yacht Alex McDiarmid has taken his cue from the very best of classical violins, which he saw in a music museum on a recent visit to Venice.

“We noticed the striking similarities to superyacht construction,” he says. “Evident from the outset was the pure craftsmanship of the very highest quality. And there’s the box and modular construction of the instrument’s main belly and back – the hull, bulwarks and bulkheads of the yacht – as well as the marriage of the tailpiece, neck and scroll, which is the yacht’s superstructure.” The Stradivarius’s reverse sheer bow will make for a distinctive sight on the water, while there are plenty of open deck spaces in the initial concepts to accommodate your own string quartet.

For the build McDairmid is suggesting aluminium (rather than the instrument’s spruce, willow and maple). The yacht also has a beam of 20 metres, with room for 16 guests, serviced by 30 crew.