The most unique insights into the world of superyachts come from the owners themselves. Here are some of the conversations SuperYacht World had with owners in 2015.

Irimari, 63.1-metres, 2015
“My family and I like simple, uncluttered interiors. We prefer understated elegance to gaudy and showy. This yacht is only for family and friends so we wanted an interior that we feel comfortable with an doesn’t alter or influence our way of life, a feeling very much like our homes.”
Sunrise Atomic
Atomic, 44.9-metres, 2014
“Cruising to a new, unknown destination, getting that thrill of discovery that our ancestors must have experienced is a real pleasure. A perfect day would be a great dive in the morning, followed by a casual lunch on board inspired by local cuisine, then a shore tour in the afternoon followed by drinks and a more formal dinner on the upper deck in the evening.”
Lady May (ex-Como), 46.2-metres, 2014
“I just love the open air aspect and up on the flybridge there’s plenty of glass. you can see the view and there’s a casual, relaxed atmosphere.”
Northern Sun inset
Northern Sun, 51-metres, 1976
“We think the waters around Phuket are about the most beautiful in the world, although Myanmar is also a great favourite. The diving is wonderful and the beaches are beautiful, but one of the best things is how few other people are around; we rarely share share a mooring, which can be quite rare in other regions.”
Columbia, 42.9-metres, 2014
“The original Columbia was one of five famous american schooners that fished and raced against the Canadians, and the only one to produce serious competition to the famous Bluenose. I chose to build Columbia because she was the most beautiful and considered to be the fastest.”
Old story Yersin 2
Yersin, 76.6-metres, 2015
“This is the culmination of a five-year dream.”