The superyacht support vessel Umbra has arrived in Port Vila to deliver aid to the thousands of people made homeless by Cyclone Pam.

After making the 2,200km journey from New Zealand to Vanuatu, Umbra has been able to make use of its helipad to deliver fresh water, clothes and other essential supplies to the estimated 65,000 people made homeless and over 110,000 that have been left without safe drinking water, around Port Vila and on the outlying islands that have not had previous contact with aid agencies.

Umbra’s relief operations have been co-ordinated through YachtAid Global, and includes a donation from Rivergate Marina & Shipyard. The Queensland-based company has so far donated 2,300 ten litre water containers and boxes of 500ml water bottles, as well as empty pallets, 20 cargo bags for use with heli-ops, large quantities of clothing, hats, a chainsaw and jet-fuel for choppers. “We’re doing what we can to help the people of Vanuatu, who were all affected by this catastrophic and heart-breaking event, and we’re calling on others to do what they can,” says Rivergate Marina & Shipyard’s general manager Andrew Cannon. “I’m really proud of the Rivergate team and what YachtAid Global has achieved. It’s impressive to see what the Superyacht industry is capable of at times like this.”

YachtAid Global, meanwhile, has opened a secure channel for credit card donations, and will match donations up to $5,000. The organisation is working flat out with the crew of Umbra and Kaleeva Yacht Services Vanuatu to ensure that aid is distributed throughout the islands.

The Y.CO-managed superyacht Dragonfly is already on the ground proving aid.

Photo credits: Frank and Peggy Photography