Vripack’s solar-powered V20 – a one-design raceboat that might just become a great toy for superyachts – has been awarded a green environmental award from powerboat racing’s governing federation, the UIM. Created solely to be powered by the sun’s energy, the V20 uses a wing-in-ground hydrofoil to lift it out of the water and reduce drag.


The V20 is a lightweight composite vessel that can store solar energy in her lithium-ion batteries, or convert the energy directly to the propeller. It is possible to cruise totally on the sun’s energy and to recharge the battery at the same time. A sophisticated battery management system assists the pilot in determining the ideal speed – the V20 is capable of a top speed of 30kph. Several V20s will be challenging each other in the Dutch DONG Energy Solar Challenge between Groningen and Leeuwarden(June 28 to July 5), and the Solar 1 Monte Carlo Cup, held July 10-13.