Winter work on the iconic 81-metre Oceanco Alfa Nero has included a film coating for her transom steps and exhaust areas, carried out by the Wild Group.

Specialist finishers Wild Group covered the areas around the exhaust with a clear film layer to protect the paintwork. This can then be replaced seasonally to keep the paint looking new. A colour-matched film was used to match the original paintwork. “Soot from the exhaust strips the outer layer of high-gloss paint, which leaves the paintwork vulnerable to collecting dirt, cracking and damage, resulting in a costly and inconvenient respray. The polyurethane paint protection film prevents this from occurring,’’ says Wild Group founder Greg Hoar. The work was carried out at La Ciotat.

Alfa Nero inset 4

The Wild Group also dealt with the transom paintwork by utlising a Färben oyster white colour- matched film to wrap the transom steps and surrounds, again avoiding the need for an extensive and costly respray. It said the process was quick, clean and non-intrusive. “It was a very good colour match on the transom stairs – you wouldn’t know it wasn’t paint,” says Howard Lowe of Royale Oceanic, who managed the project on behalf of Alfa Nero.

Alf Nero inset 2

The urethane vinyl surface film is easy removed and doesn’t leave any residue or damage to the surface beneath when removed. The Wild Group says it is extremely tough wearing and has a non-slip surface. It can be used on vulnerable areas inside and out – from spots where fenders are likely to rub, to interior surfaces that are vulnerable to scuffs and scratches.

Alfa Nero, which launched in 2007, was styled by Nuvolari Lenard, and still stands out today. She was voted into the Top 10 of the 50 Most Beautiful Superyachts Ever in SuperYacht World’s exclusive poll.