Emerging from the shadows yesterday at the Lürssen yard is Project Azzam, the biggest superyacht in the world at a reported 180 metres plus, bypassing Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse at 165 metres.

The shots suggest the highly secretive yacht will have turbines driving waterjets, certainly making her one of the fastest yachts over 100 metres.

The yacht’s bow section is still to be added as the dry dock in which the hull was built is only 170 metres long. She will be transferred to a 220-metre-long floating dock for completion. Launch is due in 2013.

Also on the water at the Lürssen yard is the 147-metre Project Topaz, which can be seen in the background as Project Azzam was being moved – a rare opportunity to see two of the top five biggest yachts every built together.

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Photos: Claus Schäfe & Carl Groll / TheYachtPhoto.com