The eight crew members of the ill-fated superyacht Yogi had a narrow escape from the vessel, it was revealed today. According to Hellenic Air Force spokesman Konstantinos Grapsas, the boat sank “10-15 minutes after the rescue of the crew by the Super Puma helicopter of the Hellenic Air Force.”

As more details emerged of the sinking on Friday at approximately 0845, Graspas added that the wind speeds were around 35 knots (Force 7) during the rescue, the waves reached heights of 3.5 metres and it was sleeting.

The yacht was 21 nautical miles west from the northwest point of Psara island when she went down and the crew were flown to safety on the island of Skiros.

The sinking of Yogi: a timeline

February 17

 0330 – First call from Yogi to Greek authorities

0530 – Super Puma helicopter arrives on scene

0649 – Second helicopter takes off from Limnos

0745 – Rescue operation begins

0845 – Approximate time of Yogi’s sinking

0910 – Rescued crew land on Skiros